About Us



LGUGC is the first private corporation to go into the financial guarantee business in the Philippines. It is the private sector link in public-private partnerships for local development financing. Powered by the values of good governance, LGUGC mobilizes the resources of private sector financial institutions toward funding local development projects.

LGUGC was incorporated on March 2, 1998 with the primary mandate of granting local government units (LGUs) access to private sources of capital by providing credit enhancement to LGU debt. Its credit enhancement facilitates the entry of LGUs with development projects in the capital market. LGUGC´s stockholders are members of the Bankers Association of the Philippines and the Development Bank of the Philippines.

Starting 2004, LGUGC gradually expanded it coverage and extended its guarantee services to water districts, electric cooperatives,  renewable energy technology projects and medium and large enterprises that are into infrastructure development projects.

With proven track record for almost two (2) decades, LGUGC is the name to trust in the Philippine financial guarantee business.


To be the recognized private sector link in public-private partnerships for local development financing.


We commit to:
Advocate for reforms that will mobilize resources of the private sector toward financing local development projects;
Continue to advocate for policy reforms for LGU debts, whether bond flotation or direct loans, as a viable local development financing option; and
Instill values of good governance to enhance the borrower´s enterprise management and creditworthiness, especially local governments and utility companies.

Board Of Directors

Fabian S. Dee Chairman
Cecilia C. Borromeo Vice Chairperson
Benel D. Lagua Director/Treasurer
Cezar P. Consing Director/Secretary
Reynaldo A. Maclang Director
Antonion C. Moncupa, Jr. Director
Rolando L. Metin Director
Antonio T. Robles Director
Lydia N. Orial Director

Board Audit Committee

Antonio C. Moncupa, Jr. Chairman
Antonio T. Robles Member
Cezar P. Consing Member

Risk Oversight Committee

Reynaldo A. Maclang Chairman
Cezar P. Consing Member
Benel D. Lagua Member

Executive Committee Members

Cecilia C. Borromeo Chairperson
Fabian S. Dee Vice Chairperson
Reynaldo A. Maclang Member
Rolando L. Metin Member
Lydia N. Orial Member

Governance Committee

Fabian S. Dee Chairman
Reynaldo A. Maclang Member
Cecilia C. Borromeo Member

Principal Officers / Others

Lydia N. Orial President/CEO
Anthony T. Zamora Assistant Corporate Secretary
Thelma C. Sansales Vice President, Operations Department
Allan D. Belgica                                                                                                     Senior Manager, Relationship Management Department