Institutional Linkages


Usaid Co-Guarantee

LGUGC has a co-guarantee agreement with the US Agency for International Development (USAID) which effectively expands LGUGC’s capacity to cover water projects, private water providers and bulk water supply of LGUs and Water Districts (WDs) in the Philippines. The USAID reinsurance of up to 50% of LGUGC’s enrolled portfolio is intended to strengthen LGUGC’s ability to mobilize private capital lending for water supply and sanitation facilities.

Usaid Technical Assistance

USAID support of LGUGC’s mission is evident through its provision of a number of technical assistance to LGUGC. In 2000, USAID’s technical assistance on the final review of the LGUGC LCSRS was conducted after the pilot testing of the first 6 LGUs. In 2001, USAID approved a technical assistance for the expansion of the LCSRS database from 120 to 500 LGUs. In 2002, support from legal specialists on policy issues pertinent to bond market development was given through the USAID-AGILE project. A consultant was also tasked to look at LGUGC’s capital adequacy with regard to leverage. In the following year, technical assistance was also given for portfolio risk management and determination of actuarially-sound leveraging ratio for LGUGC and the guarantee pricing model and Credit Rating for WDs.


AusAid-PAGF Activity Agreement

LGUGC was the first private sector recipient of a technical assistance from the Philippines-Australia Governance Facility(PAGF) of the Australian Agency for International Development (AusAid). The activity agreement between LGUGC and PAGF in 2001 involved the computerization of the LGUGC Internal LGU Credit Screening and Rating System and Portfolio Management System to enhance its credit evaluation and account monitoring processes.


World Bank-Global Environment Facility

LGUGC has a project agreement with the World Bank Global Environment Facility (WB-GEF). LGUGC was tapped to manage the US $10 million WB-GEF-funds by making available a partial credit guarantee facility for eligible rural electric cooperatives (ECs), and EC Investment Management Contractors (IMCs). LGUGC’s role as Guarantee Program Manager will help achieve significant and sustained energy efficiency improvements in Philippine rural electric cooperatives


Department of Energy - Loan Guarantee Fund (DOE-LGF)

LGUGC maintained its position as the Guarantee Program Manager for DOE-LGF. This is used to be the United Nations Development Program - Capacity Building to Remove Barriers to Renewable Energy Development (UNDP-DOE-LGF) that was turned over to the Republic of the Philippines under the supervision of the DOE.