UGEP Solar 1, Inc. – 01/12/2017


From left: UGEP Solar 1 Vice President Pieterjan Vanbuggenhout, LGUGC President/CEO Lydia N. Orial, UCPB Senior Vice President and Head for Corporate and Commercial Banking Division Franco P. Magalong, UGEP Solar 1 Chairman and CEO Ricardo S. Pronove II, UGEP Solar 1 Executive Vice President Ruth Yu-Owen and Upgrade Energy NV President/CEO Raf Vermeire

Date of Signing January 12, 2017

     Project Cost P259,959,469.00

                                P 58,824,000.00 DOE-LGF

                                P 201,135,469.00 LGUGC

Project Installation of solar rooftop panels with various clients